The Lovell TT Champs is a new Time Trial combined Championship for 2019. Anyone can enter.

Manchester Wheelers, Macclesfield Wheelers, Westmead Team 88 and Stockport Clarion are hosting a series of 10 mile time trials. This year we are combining the results of these together and running a Championship to celebrate the events. The winning Junior, Woman and Man will receive special hand-made trophies and there will be an end of season celebratory gathering.

The rules of these championships are relatively simple:

There are 20 points available for the first place rider in each event, down to 1 point for 20th place. If any event has more than 20 riders, every rider below 20th will also get 1 point for finishing. The Men’s, Women’s and Junior’s results are separate competitions. Out of all events that you take part in, the Championship will select your best 10 placings (if there are any ties, times will be used to decide).

Marshalling is a really important part of the Lovell Champs and time trialling in general. Subsequently, each rider that marshalls will be given 200 points and a celebratory pencil. This is only given out once. No extra pencils for you.